§ 64C-7.001 Definitions
§ 64C-7.002 Collection Procedures for Newborn Screening
§ 64C-7.0025 Procedures for Newborn Screening Referral Centers
§ 64C-7.0026 Administration of Newborn Hearing Screening
§ 64C-7.004 Designated State Laboratory
§ 64C-7.005 Reporting of Newborn Screening Test Results
§ 64C-7.006 Newborn Screening Records
§ 64C-7.007 Criteria for Designating Disorders
§ 64C-7.008 Objection to Prenatal and Infant (Postnatal) Risk Screening
§ 64C-7.009 Risk Screening Procedures
§ 64C-7.010 Prenatal and Infant (Postnatal) Risk Screening Records
§ 64C-7.011 Criteria for Designating Risk Screening Factors
§ 64C-7.012 Charging for Newborn Screening Services