§ 27.7001 Legislative intent and findings
§ 27.7002 Limitation on collateral representation; lawyer disqualification; use of state funds for excess fees not authorized
§ 27.701 Capital collateral regional counsel
§ 27.702 Duties of the capital collateral regional counsel; reports
§ 27.703 Conflict of interest and substitute counsel
§ 27.704 Appointment of assistants and other staff
§ 27.7045 Capital case proceedings; constitutionally deficient representation
§ 27.705 Salaries of capital collateral regional counsel and assistant capital collateral counsel
§ 27.706 Private practice of law prohibited
§ 27.707 Investigators; service of process
§ 27.708 Access to prisoners; compliance with the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure; records requests
§ 27.7081 Capital postconviction public records production
§ 27.7091 Legislative recommendations to Supreme Court; postconviction proceedings; pro bono service credit
§ 27.710 Registry of attorneys applying to represent persons in postconviction capital collateral proceedings; certification of minimum requirements; appointment by trial court
§ 27.711 Terms and conditions of appointment of attorneys as counsel in postconviction capital collateral proceedings
§ 27.715 Capital Collateral Regional Counsel Trust Fund