(1) Availability of records:
    (a) Records in the custody of the Florida Agricultural Museum are available for reference in the Search Room only.
    (b) Original records will not normally be made available when microfilm or other copies are available. If, in fact, the original is needed for a specific stated purpose, such as evidence in a court of law, the original will be made available.
    (c) Persons seeking information that is published and readily available will be referred to the Florida State Library.
    (d) Records will not be furnished to a researcher under the age of 16 years unless he is accompanied by an adult researcher, or unless prior arrangements have been made with the Archivist.
    (2) Location of records and hours of opening:
    (a) A prospective researcher should first ascertain the location and availability of records by
    contacting the museum staff by mail or telephone.
    (b) Except for holidays and at other such times as specified in writing by the Director and posted materials are available for use from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Records may be made available at other times as authorized by the Museum Director.
    (3) Application procedures:
    (a) Applicants shall apply in person at the Florida Agricultural Museum and shall provide information necessary, such as, but not limited to: date or approximate date of document, title or probable title of document, author of document, recipient of document, subject of document, location of where document originated or was used, or any other pertinent information which may assist in determining which records or documents are available. Applicants shall furnish proper identification, and, if applying for access to large quantities of records or to records that are especially fragile or valuable, shall furnish upon request a letter of reference or introduction.
    (4) Restrictions:
    (a) Records may be temporarily withdrawn from use while in process of restoration, repair, or rearrangement.
    (5) Research room rules:
    (a) Researchers shall register each day they enter the research room, furnishing the researcher’s name permanent address, local address, occupation, residence phone, local phone and field of interest.
    (b) Researchers responsibility for records – The research room attendant may limit the quantity of records to be delivered at one time to a researcher. When requested, researchers shall acknowledge receipt of records by signature. A researcher is responsible for all delivered records until the records are returned. When a researcher has completed using the records, the researcher shall return them to the research room attendant. When requested, researchers shall return records as much as 10 minutes before closing time. Before leaving the research room, even for a short period of time, a researcher shall notify the research room attendant and place all records in their proper containers.
    (c) Prevention of damage to records – The researcher shall exercise all possible care to prevent damage to records. Records shall not be used at a desk where there is a container of liquid or where a fountain pen is being used. Records shall not be leaned on, written on, folded anew, traced, fastened with paper clips or rubber bands, or handled in any way likely to cause damage. The use of records of exceptional value or in fragile condition shall be subject to any conditions specified by the research room attendant.
    (d) Removal or mutilation of records – Researchers shall not remove records from the research room. When so requested, researchers shall check parcels and luggage before entering the research room and upon leaving, a researcher shall, if requested, present for examination any briefcase, notebook, package, envelope, book, or other article that could contain records.
    (e) Conduct – Eating in the research room is prohibited. Smoking is prohibited. Loud talking and other activities likely to disturb other researchers are also prohibited. Persons desiring to use typewriters shall work in areas designated by the research room attendant.
    (f) Keep Records in order – A researcher must keep unbound records in the order in which they are delivered. Records appearing to be in disorder should not be rearranged by a researcher, but should be referred to the research room attendant. A researcher will not be allowed to remove records from more than one container at a time.
    (g) Copying of records will normally be done by personnel of the Florida Agricultural Museum with equipment belonging to the agency. With the permission of the librarian the researchers may use their own copying equipment. Permission will be based on the librarian’s determination that such use will not harm the records or disrupt reference activities. Equipment will be used under the supervision of agency personnel.
Specific Authority 570.903(8) FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 570.903(8). History-New 12-9-99.