The following forms are used in the implementation of this Chapter and are herein incorporated by reference: These forms will become effective on the effective date of Chapter 5H-24, F.A.C. These forms may be obtained by contacting the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Mayo Building, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0810.
    (1) Evaluation Log (FAM001).
    (2) Examination Receipt (FAM002).
    (3) Deed of Gift (FAM003).
    (4) Informant Depositor Agreement (FAM004).
    (5) Missing Artifact Report (FAM005).
    (6) Facilities Report (FAM006).
    (7) Loan Agreement (FAM007).
    (8) Deaccession and Disposal Worksheet (FAM008).
    (9) Receipt for Deaccessioned Artifacts (FAM009).
Necessary forms may be obtained from: The Florida Agricultural Museum, 1850 Princess Place Road, Palm Coast, Florida 32137, (904) 446-7630, The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, The Capitol, LL29, Tallahassee, Florida 32399, (850) 488-3022.
Specific Authority 570.903(8) FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 570.903(8). History-New 12-9-99.