R. 25-4.002 Application and Scope (Repealed)
R. 25-4.003 Definitions
R. 25-4.004 Certificates of Necessity or Authority; Application
R. 25-4.005 Transfer of Certificate of Necessity or Authority
R. 25-4.0051 Current Certificate Holder Information
R. 25-4.006 Issuance of Certificate in the Event of Failure to Furnish Adequate Service (Repealed)
R. 25-4.007 Reference to Commission (Repealed)
R. 25-4.0161 Regulatory Assessment Fees; Telecommunications Companies
R. 25-4.017 Uniform System of Accounts for Rate-of-Return Regulated Local Exchange Companies (Repealed)
R. 25-4.0171 Allowance for Funds Used During Construction (Repealed)
R. 25-4.0174 Depreciation Accounts for Rate-of-Return Regulation Local Exchange Companies (Repealed)
R. 25-4.0175 Depreciation for Rate-of-Return Regulated Local Exchange Companies (Repealed)
R. 25-4.0178 Retirement Units for Rate-of-Return Regulated Local Exchange Companies (Repealed)
R. 25-4.0185 Periodic Reports (Repealed)
R. 25-4.019 Records and Reports in General (Repealed)
R. 25-4.020 Location of Records
R. 25-4.0201 Audit Access to Records
R. 25-4.021 System Maps and Records (Repealed)
R. 25-4.022 Complaints (Repealed)
R. 25-4.023 Report of Interruptions (Repealed)
R. 25-4.024 Held Applications for Service (Repealed)
R. 25-4.034 Network Access Tariffs
R. 25-4.0341 Filing of Service Schedules
R. 25-4.0345 Customer Premises Equipment and Inside Wire (Repealed)
R. 25-4.036 Design and Construction of Plant (Repealed)
R. 25-4.038 Safety (Repealed)
R. 25-4.039 Traffic (Repealed)
R. 25-4.040 Telephone Directories; Directory Assistance (Repealed)
R. 25-4.0405 Telephone Directory Advertising Revenues (Repealed)
R. 25-4.041 Courtesy (Repealed)
R. 25-4.042 Extended Area Service (Repealed)
R. 25-4.043 Response to Commission Staff Inquiries (Repealed)
R. 25-4.046 Incremental Cost Data Submitted by Local Exchange Companies (Repealed)
R. 25-4.053 Application and Scope (Repealed)
R. 25-4.054 Maintenance of Records (Repealed)
R. 25-4.055 Classification of Exchanges (Repealed)
R. 25-4.056 Reclassification of Exchanges (Repealed)
R. 25-4.057 Application and Scope (Repealed)
R. 25-4.058 Conditions for Approval (Repealed)
R. 25-4.059 Filing Requirements (Repealed)
R. 25-4.060 Community of Interest Considerations (Repealed)
R. 25-4.061 Hearings (Repealed)
R. 25-4.063 Subscriber Survey (Repealed)
R. 25-4.064 Alternatives to Non-Optional Extended Area Service (Repealed)
R. 25-4.066 Availability of Basic Local Telecommunications Service (Repealed)
R. 25-4.0665 Lifeline Service
R. 25-4.067 Extension of Facilities – Contributions in Aid of Construction (Repealed)
R. 25-4.069 Maintenance of Plant and Equipment (Repealed)
R. 25-4.070 Customer Trouble Reports for Basic Local Telecommunications Service (Repealed)
R. 25-4.071 Adequacy of Service (Repealed)
R. 25-4.072 Transmission Requirements (Repealed)
R. 25-4.073 Answering Time for Basic Local Telecommunications Service (Repealed)
R. 25-4.074 Intercept Service (Repealed)
R. 25-4.077 Metering and Recording Equipment (Repealed)
R. 25-4.078 Emergency Operation (Repealed)
R. 25-4.079 Hearing/Speech Impaired Persons (Repealed)
R. 25-4.081 Emergency 911 Access (Repealed)
R. 25-4.082 Number Portability
R. 25-4.083 Preferred Carrier Freeze (Repealed)
R. 25-4.084 Carrier-of-Last-Resort; Multitenant Business and Residential Property (Repealed)
R. 25-4.085 Service Guarantee Program (Repealed)
R. 25-4.088 Applicability (Repealed)
R. 25-4.089 Definitions (Repealed)
R. 25-4.090 Rights of Way and Easements (Repealed)
R. 25-4.091 Installation of Underground Distribution System Within Subdivision (Repealed)
R. 25-4.092 Schedule of Charges (Repealed)
R. 25-4.093 Connection of Existing System (Repealed)
R. 25-4.094 Advance by Applicant (Repealed)
R. 25-4.095 Construction Practices (Repealed)
R. 25-4.096 Records and Reports (Repealed)
R. 25-4.097 Special Conditions (Repealed)
R. 25-4.107 Information to Residential Customers; Installment Plan (Repealed)
R. 25-4.108 Initiation of Service (Repealed)
R. 25-4.109 Residential Customer Deposits (Repealed)
R. 25-4.110 Customer Billing for Local Exchange Telecommunications Companies (Repealed)
R. 25-4.111 Customer Complaints and Service Requests (Repealed)
R. 25-4.112 Termination of Service by Customer (Repealed)
R. 25-4.113 Refusal or Discontinuance of Service by Company
R. 25-4.114 Refunds (Repealed)
R. 25-4.115 Directory Assistance (Repealed)
R. 25-4.116 Telephone Number Assignment Procedure (Repealed)
R. 25-4.117 800 Toll Free Service (Repealed)
R. 25-4.118 Changing of a Subscriber’s Telecommunications Service and Preferred Carrier Freeze
R. 25-4.119 Line Information Database Maintenance
R. 25-4.135 Annual Reports (Repealed)
R. 25-4.140 Test Year Notification (Repealed)
R. 25-4.141 Minimum Filing Requirements for Rate-of-Return Regulated Local Exchange Companies; Commission Designee (Repealed)
R. 25-4.150 The Administrator
R. 25-4.160 Operation of Telecommunications Relay Service
R. 25-4.200 Application and Scope (Repealed)
R. 25-4.202 Construction (Repealed)
R. 25-4.210 Service Evaluations and Investigations (Repealed)
R. 25-4.214 Tariff Filings (Repealed)
R. 25-4.215 Limited Scope Proceedings (Repealed)