R. 62-505.100 Scope (Repealed)
R. 62-505.200 Definitions
R. 62-505.300 General Program Information
R. 62-505.350 Grant Funding
R. 62-505.360 Rural Hardship Community Grant Funding (Repealed)
R. 62-505.420 Project Allowances (Repealed)
R. 62-505.600 Priority List Information
R. 62-505.650 Priority Determination (Repealed)
R. 62-505.655 Ranking Projects for Priority List Development (Repealed)
R. 62-505.680 Priority List Management (Repealed)
R. 62-505.700 Planning, Design, Construction, and Procurement Requirements
R. 62-505.750 Environmental Review
R. 62-505.800 Audit Required
R. 62-505.850 Exception to Program Requirements (Repealed)