Title I Construction Of Statutes Ch.1-2
Title II State Organization Ch.6-8
Title III Legislative Branch; Commissions Ch.10-11
Title IV Executive Branch Ch.14-24
Title V Judicial Branch Ch.25-44
Title VI Civil Practice And Procedure Ch.45-88
Title VII Evidence Ch.90-92
Title VIII Limitations Ch.95
Title IX Electors And Elections Ch.97-107
Title X Public Officers, Employees, And Records Ch.110-122
Title XI County Organization And Intergovernmental Relations Ch.124-164
Title XII Municipalities Ch.165-185
Title XIII Planning And Development Ch.186-191
Title XIV Taxation And Finance Ch.192-220
Title XV Homestead And Exemptions Ch.222
Title XVI Teachers’ Retirement System; Higher Educational Facilities Bonds Ch.238-243
Title XVII Military Affairs And Related Matters Ch.250-252
Title XVIII Public Lands And Property Ch.253-274
Title XIX Public Business Ch.279-290
Title XX Veterans Ch.292-296
Title XXI Drainage Ch.298
Title XXII Ports And Harbors Ch.308-315
Title XXIII Motor Vehicles Ch.316-324
Title XXIV Vessels Ch.326-328
Title XXV Aviation Ch.329-333
Title XXVI Public Transportation Ch.334-349
Title XXVII Railroads And Other Regulated Utilities Ch.350-368
Title XXVIII Natural Resources; Conservation, Reclamation, And Use Ch.369-380
Title XXIX Public Health Ch.381-408
Title XXX Social Welfare Ch.409-430
Title XXXI Labor Ch.435-452
Title XXXII Regulation Of Professions And Occupations Ch.454-493
Title XXXIII Regulation Of Trade, Commerce, Investments, And Solicitations Ch.494-560
Title XXXIV Alcoholic Beverages And Tobacco Ch.561-569
Title XXXV Agriculture, Horticulture, And Animal Industry Ch.570-604
Title XXXVI Business Organizations Ch.606-623
Title XXXVII Insurance Ch.624-651
Title XXXVIII Banks And Banking Ch.655-667
Title XXXIX Commercial Relations Ch.668-688
Title XL Real And Personal Property Ch.689-723
Title XLI Statute Of Frauds, Fraudulent Transfers, And General Assignments Ch.725-727
Title XLII Estates And Trusts Ch.731-739
Title XLIII Domestic Relations Ch.741-753
Title XLIV Civil Rights Ch.760-765
Title XLV Torts Ch.766-774
Title XLVI Crimes Ch.775-896
Title XLVII Criminal Procedure And Corrections Ch.900-985
Title XLVIII K-20 Education Code Ch.1000-1013