Effective date: 12/24/2008

(1) Purpose. The Department may provide grant assistance for highway beautification projects in accordance with Florida Statutes § 339.2405, to a local governmental entity or a local highway beautification council.
    (2) Definitions.
    (a) “Agreement” means the contract between the Applicant and the Department setting forth the terms of the grant.
    (b) “Applicant” means a local governmental entity, as defined in Section 11.45(1)(d), F.S., or a local highway beautification council as established in accordance with Florida Statutes § 339.2405(9)
    (c) “Council” means the Florida Highway Beautification Council.
    (d) “Department” means the Florida Department of Transportation.
    (e) “Grant” means funds provided by the Department to Applicants, pursuant to this rule chapter.
    (f) “Grant Application” means the Florida Highway Beautification Council Grant Application, Form 650-050-10, Rev. 01/04, incorporated herein by reference. Copies of the grant application form and instructions for completing the grant application may be obtained from any Department Office or on the Department website at www.dot.state.fl.us/emo.
    (g) “Grant Coordinator” means the Department District employee responsible for the FHBC grant program.
    (3) Grant Application.
    (a) Applicants must submit a grant application to the Grant Coordinator having jurisdiction over the state highway on which the beautification project is proposed. Grant applications must be accompanied by the following supporting documents: location map, photographs of existing conditions, one page written project narrative, written or graphic conceptual plan (in accordance with Part I of this rule chapter), one paragraph descriptions of each evaluation attribute, photographs or sketches of examples of proposed improvements, list of proposed plant species (scientific and botanical names) and anticipated quantities, anticipated maintenance schedule, proposed means of providing supplemental water, project schedule, and resolutions required in paragraph (e) below.
    (b) The grant application deadline is October 1 for the next fiscal year which begins on July1. When preparing a grant application, applicants should meet and work with the Grant coordinator on beginning three months or more in advance of the deadline, to give adequate time for review and revisions. Any incomplete or late filed applications will not be accepted. Grant applications for highway beautification grants from the Council must be filed and processed in accordance with this rule chapter.
    (c) In order for the Council to consider a grant application for any the following fiscal year, ten paper copies or electronic file copies of the completed grant application and supporting documents must be received by the Grant Coordinator by October 1. When requested by the Grant Coordinator, additional copies will be provided. Incomplete grant applications, or grant applications that do not comply with state or federal regulations, will be returned to the applicant. An applicant may amend and resubmit any returned grant application by the October 1 deadline.
    (d) Applicants may submit an unlimited number of grant applications, for any number of project sites. The Grant Coordinator will note on the application if the applicant previously received Council grants and if previous projects were maintained in accordance with the terms of prior agreements.
    (e) The applicant’s governing body must have passed a resolution approving the grant application and authorizing the individual who signs the grant application for the applicant to execute agreements and documents associated with the grant. A copy of such resolution must be included with the application.
    (f) Applicants are encouraged to submit grant applications for projects supported with equal (50 percent) matching funds or in kind contributions from other sources. Design fees up to 10 percent of the grant amount may be considered towards the applicant’s match.
Rulemaking authorized by Florida Statutes § 339.2405. Implements Florida Statutes § 339.2405. History-New 1-19-99, Amended 11-22-01, 3-20-03, 8-10-03, 12-23-03, 2-8-06, 12-24-08.