Effective date: 12/24/2008

(1) The Council shall meet semiannually, or more often if needed to consider all grant applications submitted by each Grant Coordinator.
    (2) The Council will consider all grant applications submitted by each Grant Coordinator.
    (a) The Council will evaluate the applications based on the following attributes:
    1. Aesthetic value and imaginative conceptual design.
    2. Level of local support and community involvement.
    3. Cost effectiveness.
    4. Feasibility of installation and maintenance.
    5. Contribution to improvement of environmental conditions, including litter prevention, erosion control, visual screening, and noise abatement.
    6. Use of Florida native wildflowers, and diversity of other desirable native, hybrid native, or noninvasive plant species.
    7. Emphasis on low maintenance and water conservation.
    8. Use of recycled materials such as mulch, reuse water, or solid yard waste compost.
    9. Contribution to an area wide or regional beautification plan.
    10. Value to the community.
    (b) The Council will assign a numerical score to each application by:
    1. Reviewing each grant application and assigning a numerical score using the established range of 0 to 10 points for each attribute for a total possible score of 100 points.
    2. Totaling all the attribute scores for a total application numerical score.
    (c) Grant applications will be ranked in priority by numerical score, the highest numerical score being ranked the highest priority.
    (3) The Council will provide the Department Secretary with a list of prioritized grant applications, with recommended funding levels, and conditions for grant awards.
Rulemaking authorized by Florida Statutes § 339.2405. Implements Florida Statutes § 339.2405. History-New 3-9-99, Amended 11-22-01, 3-20-03, 8-10-03, 12-23-03, 12-24-08.