Effective date: 4/1/2008

(1) Within 5 calendar days after receipt of a specimen, the State Public Health Laboratory shall send a written report of the results of all newborn screening tests to the submitting entity. The report of the test results shall become part of the patient’s medical record.
    (2) The submitting entity must forward a copy of the newborn screening results to the ordering physician.
    (3) If the State Public Health Laboratory determines that a specimen is unsatisfactory for testing, the Laboratory shall immediately request a repeat specimen from the submitting entity. The submitting entity shall offer facilities for collecting the blood sample.
Specific Authority 383.14(2) FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 383.14. History-New 10-25-79, Formerly 10D-76.06, Amended 12-5-84, Formerly 10J-8.06, Amended 3-29-92, 9-20-94, 3-28-96, Formerly 10J-8.006, Amended 4-1-08.