Effective date: 6/28/2012

    (1) Any company that keeps its records outside the State shall reimburse the Commission for the reasonable travel expense incurred by each Commission representative during any review of the out-of-state records of the company or its affiliates. Reasonable travel expenses are those travel expenses that are equivalent to travel expenses paid by the Commission in the ordinary course of its business.
    (a) The company shall remit reimbursement for out-of-state travel expenses within 30 days from the date the Commission mails the invoice.
    (b) The reimbursement requirement in subsection (1) shall be waived for any company that makes its out-of-state records available at the company’s office located in Florida or at another mutually agreed upon location in Florida within 10 working days from the Commission’s initial request. If 10 working days is not reasonable because of the complexity and nature of the issues involved or the volume and type of material requested, the Commission may establish a different time frame for the company to bring records into the state. For individual data requests made during an audit, the response time frame established in Rule 25-4.0201, F.A.C., shall control.
    (2) During any audit or review of records, the company shall provide Commission staff with adequate and comfortable working and filing space, consistent with the prevailing conditions and climate, and comparable with the accommodations provided the company’s outside auditors.
Rulemaking Authority 350.127(2), 364.016, 364.183 FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 364.016, 364.183. History—New 12-1-68, Amended 3-31-76, Formerly 25-4.20, Amended 6-23-93, 11-13-95, 1-25-09, 6-28-12.