Effective date: 11/15/2001

    (1) The product evaluation for various sizes and design capacities shall be specific for each size and design capacity listed.
    (2) The documents shall include engineering data presented in a manner that facilitates the application of the product at the project site. The documents shall be annotated to the effect that alterations or additions to the document are not permitted.
    (3) The documents shall state under which conditions the product evaluation is suitable to be applied by the Contractor, or under which conditions the product evaluation is only for use by a licensed engineer or architect acting as a Delegated Engineer. The requirements for submission of delegated engineering documents found in subsection 61G15-30.005(2), F.A.C., may be waived at the option of the engineer who prepares the product evaluation documents.
    (4) The documents shall comply with Chapter 61G15-23, F.A.C., regarding seals, and shall bear the original seal, signature and date, or shall meet the procedure for signing and sealing electronically transmitted plans, specifications, reports or other documents.
Specific Authority 471.008, 471.033(2) FS. Law Implemented 553.842(6), 471.033 FS. History—New 11-15-01.