R. 64B5-17.001 Required Availability of Dental Records Upon Relocation or Termination of Practice, or Death of Practitioner
R. 64B5-17.0011 Change of Address
R. 64B5-17.002 Written Dental Records; Minimum Content; Retention
R. 64B5-17.003 Patient Referrals
R. 64B5-17.004 Emergency Care
R. 64B5-17.0045 Standards for the Use of Controlled Substances for Treatment of Pain
R. 64B5-17.005 Identification of Removable Prosthetic Devices
R. 64B5-17.006 Prescription Forms
R. 64B5-17.009 Patient Records; Copying Charges; Timely Release
R. 64B5-17.010 Unlicensed Practice of Dentistry
R. 64B5-17.0105 Ownership of Dental Instruments by a Dental Hygienist
R. 64B5-17.011 Financial Responsibility
R. 64B5-17.012 Use of Sargenti Material
R. 64B5-17.013 Proprietorship by Nondentists
R. 64B5-17.014 Removal of Amalgam Fillings
R. 64B5-17.015 Office Safety Requirement