Effective date: 2/5/2013

    (1) Pursuant to Florida Statutes § 364.163, each local exchange telecommunications company shall maintain on file with the Commission tariffs which shall set forth all intrastate rates, terms and conditions for network access services.
    (2) Filing shall mean received by the Office of Telecommunications during normal business hours. Any tariff received by the Office of Telecommunications after 5:00 p.m. shall be considered filed on the next regular business day. All proposed changes to an existing tariff shall either be filed by hard copy with the Director of the Office of Telecommunications, Florida Public Service Commission, 2540 Shumard Oak Boulevard, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0850 or shall be filed electronically pursuant to the instructions set forth in the “E-Tariff Filings User Notes” (EFF. 10/2012), which are incorporated herein by reference and which are available at: http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-02201. These instructions can also be accessed from the Commission’s website at http://floridapsc.com/UtilityRegulation/ETariffRequirements. Hard copy filings shall include an original and one (1) copy of each revised tariff sheet. A letter of transmittal shall accompany each tariff filing, which lists the included sheets, by sheet number and revision level as specified in paragraphs (3)(c)-(e), and gives a brief description of all changes. If acknowledgment of a hard copy filing is desired, the letter of transmittal shall be sent in duplicate with a request that the duplicate be returned and a postage paid envelope shall be provided for that purpose.
    (3) Network access tariffs shall comply with the following conventions:
    (a) Each sheet shall have a left-hand margin of at least 3/4″. All sheets and copies must be clear and legible. Tariffs shall be in loose leaf form on 8 1/2” Ö 11” sheets, typewritten on white paper, using one side of the paper only.
    (b) Each sheet shall bear the name of the company, as certificated with the Commission and the effective date of the sheet.
    (c) Every sheet in the tariff shall be numbered.
    (d) Each sheet in the tariff shall be marked “Original Sheet” in the upper right-hand corner of the sheet. As an example: Original Sheet No. 4, or Original Sheet No. 5.2.
    (e) Revised sheets in the tariff shall be marked with the number of the revision in the upper right-hand corner and the number of the sheet it replaces. As an example: First Revised Sheet No. 4, Cancels Original Sheet No. 4.
    (f) The network access tariffs shall contain at a minimum the following:
    1. Table of Contents and Index. All network access tariffs shall have a table of contents identifying the page location of each section in the tariff.
    2. Symbols Used in Tariff Filings. All symbols shall be defined in the network access tariff. Symbols used to indicate rate changes shall appear on the right hand side of each rate change sheet on the same line(s) in which any change has been made. If three or more consecutive lines of text are affected, one symbol shall be placed on the right hand margin on the first and last lines with a vertical line connecting the two symbols. Two or more symbols shall be placed next to each other on any line with multiple types of changes.
    3. Technical Terms and Abbreviations. This section shall contain all company-specific technical and special terms and abbreviations used in the network access tariff.
Rulemaking Authority 350.127(2), 364.01 FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 364.01, 364.04, 364.163. History—New 3-31-76, Amended 11-29-82, Formerly 25-4.34, Amended 9-13-88, 4-16-90, 3-10-96, 1-25-09, 2-5-13.