Effective date: 12/9/1999

    (1) The Museum evaluates artifacts and determines whether they should be accepted into the Museum’s permanent collections.
    (a) The process of evaluating each artifact is recorded on an Evaluation Log, herein incorporated by reference.
    (b) When the Museum accepts custody of an artifact from a prospective donor or vendor, an Examination Receipt, herein incorporated by reference, is completed.
    (c) Evaluation of artifacts is based on the following criteria:
    1. All acquisitions must have intrinsic historical, architectural, archaeological, or folk cultural value relating to the history, government, or culture of Florida; and
    2. All acquisitions must possess potential for research or be useful for exhibition or interpretive purposes.
    3. In addition to these general criteria, the following factors shall be considered when evaluating artifact.
    a. Whether the artifacts have been carefully examined and evaluated by a Museum staff member who is knowledgeable about them;
    b. Whether the artifacts have legitimate and clear provenance;
    c. Whether the current owner of the artifacts has clear title to them and is free to convey them to the Museum;
    d. Whether the Museum can provide proper storage, protection, and preservation for the Museum purposes; and
    e. The artifacts’ copyright status, if applicable.
    (2) When evaluation is completed, a decision is made as to whether to acquire the artifact and accept it into the Museum’s permanent collections.
    (a) The prospective donor or vendor is notified of the Museum’s decision.
    (3) If the Museum decides to acquire an artifact, acquisition is accomplished by one of the following methods. The method of acquisition used is based on the needs of the donor or vendor and the Museum and on the nature of the transaction.
    (a) If the artifact is acquired by donation, a Deed of Gift or an Informant Depositor Agreement, herein incorporated by reference, is completed;
    (b) If the artifact is transferred to the Museum from another Department agency, appropriate documentation is acknowledgment and receipt is obtained: or
    (4) If the Museum decides not to acquire an artifact for its permanent collections, the artifact, if it is in the Museum’s custody, is returned to the prospective donor or vendor, or is disposed of as noted on the Examination Receipt.
Rulemaking authorized by Florida Statutes § 570.903(8). Implements Florida Statutes § 570.903(8). History—New 12-9-99.