R. 25-4.003 Definitions
R. 25-4.004 Application for Original or Transfer of Certification of Authority
R. 25-4.0161 Regulatory Assessment Fees; Telecommunications Companies
R. 25-4.020 Location of Records
R. 25-4.0201 Audit Access to Records
R. 25-4.034 Network Access Tariffs
R. 25-4.0341 Filing of Service Schedules
R. 25-4.0665 Lifeline Assistance
R. 25-4.082 Number Portability
R. 25-4.118 Changing of a Subscriber’s Telecommunications Service and Preferred Carrier Freeze
R. 25-4.119 Line Information Database Maintenance
R. 25-4.150 The Administrator
R. 25-4.160 Operation of Telecommunications Relay Service
R. 25-4.511 Application for Original or Transfer of Pay Telephone Certificate
R. 25-4.515 Pay Telephone Service