§ 633.102 Definitions
§ 633.104 State Fire Marshal; authority; duties; rules
§ 633.106 State Fire Marshal; disciplinary authority; administrative fine and probation in lieu of suspension, revocation, or refusal to issue a license, permit, or certificate
§ 633.107 Exemption from disqualification from licensure or certification
§ 633.108 State Fire Marshal; chapter and rules; force and effect
§ 633.112 State Fire Marshal; hearings; investigations; recordkeeping and reports; subpoenas of witnesses; orders of circuit court
§ 633.114 State Fire Marshal agents; authority; duties; compensation
§ 633.116 Agents; powers to make arrests, conduct searches and seizures, serve summonses, and carry firearms
§ 633.118 Persons authorized to enforce laws and rules of State Fire Marshal
§ 633.122 Impersonating State Fire Marshal, firefighter, volunteer firefighter, or firesafety inspector; criminal penalties
§ 633.124 Penalty for violation of law, rule, or order to cease and desist or for failure to comply with corrective order
§ 633.126 Investigation of fraudulent insurance claims and crimes; immunity of insurance companies supplying information
§ 633.128 Division of State Fire Marshal; powers, duties
§ 633.132 Fees
§ 633.134 Gifts and grants
§ 633.135 Firefighter Assistance Grant Program
§ 633.136 Fire and Emergency Incident Information Reporting Program; duties; fire reports
§ 633.138 Notice of change of address of record; notice of felony actions
§ 633.142 Reduced Cigarette Ignition Propensity Standard and Firefighter Protection Act; preemption