§ 633.202 Florida Fire Prevention Code
§ 633.204 Florida Fire Code Advisory Council
§ 633.206 Uniform firesafety standards
§ 633.208 Minimum firesafety standards
§ 633.212 Legislative intent; informal interpretations of the Florida Fire Prevention Code
§ 633.214 Ordinances relating to firesafety; definitions; penalties
§ 633.216 Inspection of buildings and equipment; orders; firesafety inspection training requirements; certification; disciplinary action
§ 633.218 Inspections of state buildings and premises; tests of firesafety equipment; building plans to be approved
§ 633.222 Buildings with light-frame truss-type construction; notice requirements; enforcement
§ 633.224 Automatic fire sprinkler systems for one-family dwellings, two-family dwellings, and mobile homes
§ 633.226 Exemptions; farm outbuildings; standpipe systems installed by plumbing contractors
§ 633.228 Violations; orders to cease and desist, correct hazardous conditions, preclude occupancy, or vacate; enforcement; penalties