§ 633.302 Florida Fire Safety Board; membership; duties; meetings; officers; quorum; compensation; seal
§ 633.304 Fire suppression equipment; license to install or maintain
§ 633.306 Requirements for installation, inspection, and maintenance of fire suppression equipment
§ 633.308 Standard service tag required on all fire extinguishers and preengineered systems; serial number required on all portable fire extinguishers; standard inspection tags required on all fire protection systems
§ 633.312 Inspection of fire control systems, fire hydrants, and fire protection systems
§ 633.314 Sale or use of certain types of fire extinguishers prohibited; penalty
§ 633.316 Fire suppression system contractors; disciplinary action
§ 633.318 Certificate application and issuance; permit issuance; examination and investigation of applicant
§ 633.322 County, municipal, and special district powers; effect of ch. 75-240
§ 633.324 Records concerning applicant; extent of confidentiality
§ 633.326 Certificate effective statewide; not transferable
§ 633.328 Issuance of certificate to individuals and business organizations
§ 633.332 Certificate; expiration; renewal; inactive certificate; continuing education
§ 633.334 Requirements for installation, inspection, and maintenance of fire protection systems
§ 633.336 Contracting without certificate prohibited; violations; penalty
§ 633.338 Disciplinary action; fire protection system contractors; grounds for denial, nonrenewal, suspension, or revocation of certificate or permit
§ 633.342 Violations subject to injunction
§ 633.344 Application of law regulating contracting and contractors
§ 633.346 Jurisdiction of State Fire Marshal over alarm system contractors and certified unlimited electrical contractors
§ 633.348 Requirements for fire alarm system equipment
§ 633.3482 Prohibited acts regarding alarm system contractors or certified unlimited electrical contractors; penalties