R. 12C-1.002 Declaration of Intent
R. 12C-1.003 Definitions
R. 12C-1.011 Tax Imposed
R. 12C-1.012 Net Income Defined
R. 12C-1.013 Adjusted Federal Income Defined
R. 12C-1.0131 Adjusted Federal Income; Affiliated Groups
R. 12C-1.015 Apportionment of Adjusted Federal Income
R. 12C-1.0151 Apportionment for Special Industries
R. 12C-1.0152 Other Methods of Apportionment
R. 12C-1.0153 Property Factor for Apportionment
R. 12C-1.0154 Payroll Factor for Apportionment
R. 12C-1.0155 Sales Factor for Apportionment
R. 12C-1.016 Business/Nonbusiness Income
R. 12C-1.0186 Credit for Florida Alternative Minimum Tax
R. 12C-1.0188 Enterprise Zone Program
R. 12C-1.0191 Capital Investment Tax Credit Program
R. 12C-1.0193 Florida Renewable Energy Production Credit
R. 12C-1.0194 Corporate Income Tax Credit for Spaceflight Projects
R. 12C-1.0196 Research and Development Tax Credit
R. 12C-1.021 Record Keeping Requirements
R. 12C-1.0211 Penalty for Incomplete Return
R. 12C-1.022 Returns; Filing Requirement
R. 12C-1.0221 Returns, Notices, and Elections; Signing and Verification
R. 12C-1.0222 Returns; Extensions of Time; Payments of Tentative Tax
R. 12C-1.023 Federal Returns
R. 12C-1.034 Special Rules Relating to Estimated Tax
R. 12C-1.042 Methods of Accounting
R. 12C-1.044 Adjustments to Income
R. 12C-1.051 Forms
R. 12C-1.0511 Incorporation by Reference
R. 12C-1.322 Amounts Less Than One Dollar
R. 12C-1.343 Interest Computations