R. 41-2.002 Definitions
R. 41-2.006 Insurance, Safety Requirements and Standards
R. 41-2.007 Reporting Requirements
R. 41-2.008 Contractual Arrangements
R. 41-2.009 Designated Official Planning Agency
R. 41-2.010 Selection of Community Transportation Coordinator
R. 41-2.011 Community Transportation Coordinator Powers and Duties
R. 41-2.012 Coordinating Board Structure and Duties
R. 41-2.013 Transportation Disadvantaged Trust Fund
R. 41-2.014 Grants Program
R. 41-2.015 Expenditure of Local Government, State, and Federal Funds for the Transportation Disadvantaged
R. 41-2.0162 Chronological Listing of Report Dates
R. 41-2.018 Public Comment