(1) The Museum of Florida History may make loans of state-owned historical artifacts for scholarly or educational purposes or to assist in carrying out its responsibility to ensure proper curation of state-owned artifacts.

Terms Used In Florida Regulations 1T-12.005

  • Appraisal: A determination of property value.
    (2) While the museum makes loans primarily to not-for-profit agencies, institutions, and organizations, a loan occasionally may be made to a for-profit agency, institution, or organization when the loan’s purpose is consistent with the purposes set out in subsection Fla. Admin. Code R. 1T-12.005(1) The museum does not loan state-owned artifacts:
    (a) For decorative or personal use.
    (b) To any agency, institution, or organization that is or has been under criminal investigation, unless the agency, institution, or organization has been cleared of any wrongdoing.
    (c) To any agency, institution, or organization that plans to offer artifacts for sale during the term of the loan.
    (3) Whether a loan is initiated by the museum or is requested by another agency, institution, or organization, a written request is submitted to the museum at least two months prior to the anticipated date for the requested artifacts to leave the museum’s premises. This request includes the following information:
    (a) A list of the state-owned artifacts requested for loan;
    (b) A statement of the proposed loan’s purpose, including, if applicable, the title of the exhibition in which state-owned artifacts will be displayed;
    (c) The dates for which the proposed loan of state-owned artifacts is requested;
    (d) The manner in which loaned state-owned artifacts will be presented in an exhibition and the estimated size and composition of the exhibition’s audience; and,
    (e) A copy of the agency, institution, or organization’s facilities report.
    (4) Upon receipt of a written request and the organization’s facilities report, the museum evaluates the request.
    (a) To be approved, a loan must serve one of the following purposes and satisfy the criteria in paragraph (4)(b):
    1. To provide state-owned artifacts relating to interpretive exhibits and other educational programs which promote knowledge and appreciation of Florida history and culture, and the programs of the museum; or
    2. To assist the museum in carrying out its responsibility to ensure proper curation of state-owned artifacts.
    (b) The following criteria are considered when evaluating loan requests, to determine that the loan will produce a substantial public benefit and that loaned state-owned artifacts will be properly protected and preserved:
    1. The care, security, and insurance to be provided by the borrowing agency, institution, or organization. No loans of state-owned artifacts are made without adequate insurance coverage for these artifacts. Information is obtained about the amount of fine arts or liability insurance coverage needed for the requested loan, based on its appraised value. The appraisal is obtained by one of the following methods:
    a. Determination by a museum staff member;
    b. Consultation of collections records; or
    c. Determination by a hired consultant. The cost of this type of appraisal shall be paid for as agreed between the parties.
    2. Any anticipated use by the museum itself of the requested artifact;
    3. The condition, rarity, and value of the requested artifact;
    4. The duration of the loan, all loans being made for a specified period of time only;
    5. The feasibility of preparing the loan within the time requested;
    6. The size and composition of the anticipated audience, if this information is appropriate to the purpose of the loan; and,
    7. The context in which the requested artifact will be exhibited and how this would reflect on the museum, division, and the State of Florida.
    (5) Based on the criteria set out in subsection Fla. Admin. Code R. 1T-12.005(4), the museum decides whether to approve the loan request and notifies the requesting agency, institution, or organization in writing of the decision. To complete the loan process:
    (a) Collections records are verified to ensure that they are current, and that they contain a photograph or photocopy of the artifact;
    (b) A Outgoing Loan Form FAC (Form CAMFH155), effective 9/2012, hereby incorporated by reference and available from: http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-01589 is completed by museum staff and and signed and returned by the borrowing agency, institution, or organization;
    (c) A commitment is obtained for insurance of loaned state-owned artifacts in an amount determined by museum staff members or by outside appraisal. For loans of state-owned artifacts whose combined value is over $500, proof of insurance is obtained. Proof of insurance must be received by the museum before state-owned artifacts leave the museum’s custody; and,
    (d) The artifact is prepared for delivery to the borrower and arrangements are made for transportation.
    (6) The museum may seek to recover costs associated with loans, including costs for materials, staff time, and shipping or transportation, and such costs may be charged to the borrowing agency, institution, or organization. These charges are negotiated prior to approving a loan, and moneys collected are deposited in the division’s Grants and Donations Trust Fund. Any income received from the loan of state-owned artifacts is used to defray costs associated with the loan, or assist in the curation or maintenance of state-owned artifacts.
    (7) A written request to renew a loan must be received at least one month prior to the end of the existing loan agreement. Procedures described in subsections 1T-12.005(5)-(7), F.A.C., are followed to evaluate each request for renewal and to complete the loan process.
    (8) Every loan, including those considered to be long-term, must be reviewed annually. If any of the loan conditions are violated, and if the museum determines that such violations are detrimental to the security or preservation of the artifacts, the museum shall terminate the loan agreement.
Rulemaking Authority Florida Statutes § 265.704(1), 265.706(6). Law Implemented 265.7025, 265.703, 265.704, 265.705, 265.706 FS. History—New 9-17-12, Formerly 1A-40.008.