Effective date: 2/2/2006

    The following criteria shall be used to competitively rank the certified project applications with priority given in descending order using only as many of the criteria as necessary to produce the ranked list:
    (1) Construction of a new facility will be ranked higher than renovations to an existing facility.
    (2) Matching percentage shall be calculated by dividing the local contribution by the requested amount, times 100.
    (3) Applicants must submit documentation that certifies that the project facility is located in a brownfield site as defined in Florida Statutes § 376.79(3), a rural enterprise zone as defined in Florida Statutes § 290.004(6), an agriculturally depressed area as defined in Florida Statutes § 570.242(1), a redevelopment area established pursuant to Section 373.461(5)(g), F.S., or a county that has lost its agricultural land to environmental restoration projects.
    (4) Total available exhibition or civic center space means only that space which is available for public rental.
    (5) The longest history of promoting agriculture will be based on archival documentation. Archival documentation includes, but is not limited to: Advertisements, Brochures, Awards, etc. For fair associations, the longest history of promoting agriculture will be based upon the date of initial fair charter issuance.
    (6) Paid attendance is the projected number of event tickets sold.
    (7) In evaluating the distance from the nearest Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences facility, applicant must submit distance in feet if less than one mile, and in tenths of a mile increments if more than one mile.
    (8) In case of ties from applying all above criteria, the tied project proposals shall be listed in alphabetical order.
Rulemaking authorized by Florida Statutes § 288.1175(5). Implements Florida Statutes § 288.1175. History—New 2-2-06.