Effective date: 1/23/2001

    (1) A dentist who makes an examination of, or administers treatment to any person, shall upon the request of such person or his legal representative furnish copies of all reports or records made of such examination or treatment, including x-rays. The furnishing of copies shall not be conditioned upon payment of an unpaid or disputed fee for services rendered.
    (2) A dentist may charge a fee for copying reports or records not to exceed the cost per page charged by the Clerk of the County Court where the dentist practices. The fee for copies of x-rays shall not exceed actual cost of duplication. Payment of copying fees may be required upon delivery of the copies.
    (3) A dentist shall comply with a patient’s written request for copies of records and reports in a timely manner, with due regard for the patient’s health needs. In the absence of circumstances beyond the control of the licensee, timely shall mean less than 30 days.
Rulemaking authorized by Florida Statutes § 466.004(4). Implements Florida Statutes § 456.057. History—New 4-26-87, Amended 6-20-89, Formerly 21G-17.009, 61F5-17.009, 59Q-17.009, Amended 1-23-01.