Effective date: 8/24/1987

    As used in this chapter:
    (1) “AAMC” means Association of American Medical Colleges.
    (2) “ACGME” means Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.
    (3) “AMA” means American Medical Association.
    (4) “Applicant” means a foreign medical school which applies to the Department for certification.
    (5) “Board” means State of Florida Board of Medicine.
    (6) “Clinical clerkship” means an organized supervised educational experience involving the examination and care of patients in the practice of medicine, which is an integral part of the clinical component of the medical curriculum and which takes place in a teaching hospital or an acceptable equivalent health care facility.
    (7) “Dean” means a university or college administrative official acting as chief academic officer in the supervision of a school or faculty.
    (8) “Department” means State of Florida Department of Health.
    (9) “ECFMG” means Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates.
    (10) “FLEX” means Federation Licensing Examination.
    (11) “FMGEMS” means Foreign Medical Graduate Examination in the Medical Sciences.
    (12) “Foreign medical school” means a medical school outside the United States.
    (13) “LCME” means Liaison Committee on Medical Education.
    (14) “M.D. DEGREE” means an abbreviation for Medicine Doctor, Doctor of Medicine, an academic degree conferred by a college/university on one having satisfactorily completed a medical school curriculum established for preparation for the practice of medicine. Other degrees (example M.B.) are used as equivalent in some countries.
Rulemaking Authority 458.309, 458.314(4) FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 458.314. History—New 8-24-87, Formerly 21M-41.002, 61F6-41.002, 59R-14.002.