(1) Photographing of Children.
    (a) Children to be photographed:
    1. All children under court ordered supervision in-home shall be photographed within 15 days after the case has been staffed and transferred.
    2. All children placed in out-of-home care shall be photographed within 72 hours of the beginning of a removal episode.
    3. Upon return to care, any child who has been on runaway status shall have his or her photograph taken immediately.
    (b) The child’s identity shall be verified by the child welfare professional or other staff person familiar with the child. The photograph and identifying information shall be maintained in FSFN.
    (c) Photographs shall be updated as follows:
    1. For children under the age of five (5) years, every six (6) months; and,
    2. For all other children, annually.
    (2) Fingerprinting of Children.
    (a) The fingerprints of each child age three (3) years or older who is placed in out-of-home care shall be obtained within 15 days after initial placement. The record of the fingerprints shall be maintained in the child’s case file. If the child is under age three (3), a means of obtaining the child’s footprints shall be explored.
    (b) Fingerprints are not required for children under supervision in-home.
    (c) These fingerprints shall be used only to identify a child who is missing.
    (3) Birth Verification of Children.
    (a) A copy of a birth certificate or birth verification shall be obtained for each child under court ordered in-home supervision within 15 days after the case transfer conference.
    (b) A copy of a birth certificate or birth verification shall be obtained for each child entering out-of-home care within 15 days of initial placement.
    (c) For children born out-of-state or out-of-country, verification of the child’s birth shall be requested within 15 days from initial placement and documented in the case file. Refer to subsection Fla. Admin. Code R. 65C-30.007(12), regarding the necessary actions when it is determined that a child was born in another country and has not established legal alien status.
    (4) At the time of adoption finalization, it is the responsibility of the case manager to coordinate with the adoptive parents to determine whether the child will have a new Social Security Number (SSN) or retain the same SSN after adoption.
Rulemaking Authority 39.012, 39.0121(3), (13), 39.5075(8), 63.233 FS. Law Implemented Florida Statutes § 39.5075. History—New 5-4-06, Amended 2-25-16.