(1) The division is authorized to operate the Museum of Florida History and other historical museums.
(2) The division shall establish and administer a museum store in the Museum of Florida History to provide information and materials relating to museum exhibits, collections, and programs to the public and may operate additional stores associated with the museum. The store may produce, acquire, and sell craft products, replicas and reproductions of artifacts, documents, and other merchandise relating to historical and cultural resources and may make a reasonable charge for such merchandise. All proceeds received from sales must be deposited into the Grants and Donations Trust Fund, or funds in excess of the amount required to pay employees involved in the direct management of the museum store may be deposited into a bank account of the citizen support organization created pursuant to s. 265.703 and may be used only to support the programs of the Museum of Florida History. The museum store may enter into agreements and accept credit-card payments as compensation for goods and products sold. The division may establish accounts in credit-card banks for the deposit of credit-card sales invoices and to pay discounts and service charges in connection with the use of credit cards.
(3) The division shall support the establishment and operation of a nonprofit organization or association established pursuant to s. 265.703 to promote and encourage knowledge and appreciation of Florida history and the programs of the Museum of Florida History and to cooperate with historical societies and other organizations to provide funding and promotional support for the programs of the museum. Such organization or association may, with the consent of the division, operate the museum store or conduct special events and programs in the museum. All proceeds must be used to support the programs of the Museum of Florida History.
(4) The division shall deposit gifts and donations for the purpose of assisting the Museum of Florida History and its programs in the Grants and Donations Trust Fund to be used exclusively for the benefit of programs of the museum and in a manner consistent with any terms or conditions agreed to by the division in accepting such gifts.