Terms Used In Florida Statutes 570.843

(1) There is created within the department the Florida Young Farmer and Rancher Advisory Council, to consist of 12 members to be appointed by the commissioner. Initially, 6 members shall be appointed by the commissioner for a 1-year term and 6 members for a 2-year term. Thereafter, members shall be appointed for 2-year terms.
(2) The meetings, powers, duties, procedures, and recordkeeping of the Florida Young Farmers and Ranchers Advisory Council shall be pursuant to s. 570.232.
(3) The council may submit to the commissioner, annually, findings and recommendations for mitigating challenges facing aspiring farmers and ranchers in the early stages of their careers. The council may examine issues that include, but are not limited to, access to land, availability of credit and capital, and access to business skills training.