480-6  Refusal to deal.  No person shall refuse to sell any commodity to, or to buy any commodity from, any other person or persons, when the refusal is for the purpose of compelling or inducing the other person or persons to agree to or engage in acts which, if acceded to, are prohibited by other sections of this chapter.

Terms Used In Hawaii Revised Statutes 480-6

  • buy: includes "contract to buy" "lease" "contract to lease" "acquire a license" and "contract to acquire a license". See Hawaii Revised Statutes 480-1
  • Commodity: includes , but is not restricted to, goods, merchandise, produce, choses in action, and any other article of commerce. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 480-1
  • persons: includes individuals, corporations, firms, trusts, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited liability limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and incorporated or unincorporated associations, existing under or authorized by the laws of this State, or any other state, or any foreign country. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 480-1
  • sell: includes "contract to sell" "lease" "contract to lease" "license" and "contract to license". See Hawaii Revised Statutes 480-1