663-1 Torts, who may sue and for what
663-1.2 Tort liability for breach of contract; punitive damages
663-1.3 “Ad damnum” clause prohibited
663-1.4 Payment of reasonable attorney’s fees and costs in defense of suit
663-1.5 Exception to liability
663-1.53 Liability for operation of a family child care home
663-1.54 Recreational activity liability
663-1.55 Volunteer firefighters; limited liability
663-1.56 Conclusive presumptions relating to duty of public entities to warn of dangers at public beach parks
663-1.57 Owner to felon; limited liability
663-1.6 Duty to assist
663-1.7 Professional society; peer review committee; ethics committee; hospital or clinic quality assurance committee; no liability; exceptions
663-1.8 Chiropractic society; peer view committee; no liability; exceptions
663-1.9 Exception to liability for health care provider, authorized person withdrawing blood or urine at the direction of a police officer
663-1.95 Employers’ job reference immunity
663-2 Defense of lawful detention
663-3 Death by wrongful act
663-4 Actions which survive death of wrongdoer or other person liable
663-5 Death of defendant, continuance of action
663-6 Death of wrongdoer or other person liable prior to suit, time for commencing action against the estate
663-7 Survival of cause of action
663-8 Damages, future earnings
663-8.3 Loss or impairment of earning capacity; damages
663-8.5 Noneconomic damages; defined
663-8.7 Limitation on pain and suffering
663-8.9 Serious emotional distress arising from property damage; cause of action abolished; exception for physical injury
663-9 Liability of animal owners
663-9.1 Exception of animal owners to civil liability
663-9.5 Liability of firearm owners
663-10 Collateral sources; protection for liens and rights of subrogation
663-10.5 Government entity as a tortfeasor; abolition of joint and several liability
663-10.6 Exemption for providing shelter and subsistence to the needy
663-10.7 Exemption for providing emergency access to land, shelter, and subsistence during a disaster
663-10.9 Abolition of joint and several liability; exceptions
663-10.95 Motorsports facilities; waiver of liability
663-10.98 Design professional liability; highways
663-10.99 Trespass; limited liability of agricultural land owner

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