Producer members of the commission shall be nominated and elected by producers within the district that such producer members represent in the year in which a commission member’s term shall expire. Such producer members receiving the largest number of the votes cast in the respective districts which they represent shall be elected. The election shall be by secret mail ballot and under the supervision of the state department of agriculture.

      Nomination for candidates to be elected to the commission shall be conducted by a nominating committee. Thirty (30) days prior to the date of election the commission shall select a nominating committee from the district, who in turn will present the names of three (3) qualified nominees; in addition thereto, producer members of the commission may be nominated by a petition of nomination signed by not less than twenty-five (25) active producers each of whom shall reside in the district wherein the nominee resides, and the names of all such nominees nominated by petition shall be presented to the state department of agriculture not later than the first day of May of the year in which the election for such district is to be held.

      Ballots for electing members to the commission will be mailed by the department to all eligible producers no later than May 15th in districts where elections are to be held and such ballots to be valid shall be returned postmarked no later than May 31st of the year mailed, to the department.

      All costs and expenses of the department shall be paid by the commission. All materials and other necessary supplies shall be provided to the department at its request.