18-1301 Bribery of Judicial Officers
18-1302 Receipt of Bribe by Officer
18-1303 Acceptance of Rewards
18-1304 Attempt to Influence Jurors and Arbitrators
18-1305 Misconduct of Jurors and Arbitrators
18-1307 Forfeiture of Office On Conviction
18-1308 Offenses Relating to Bribery — Incriminating Testimony May Be Required
18-1309 Bribery of Municipal or County Officers — Penalties
18-1351 Bribery and Corrupt Practices — Definitions
18-1352 Bribery in Official and Political Matters
18-1353 Threats and Other Improper Influence in Official and Political Matters
18-1353A Threats Against State Officials of the Executive, Legislative or Judicial Branch or Elected Officials of a County or City
18-1354 Compensation for Past Official Behavior
18-1355 Retaliation for Past Official Action
18-1356 Gifts to Public Servants by Persons Subject to Their Jurisdiction
18-1357 Compensating Public Servant for Assisting Private Interests in Relation to Matters Before Him
18-1358 Selling Political Indorsement — Special Influence
18-1359 Using Public Position for Personal Gain
18-1360 Penalties
18-1361 Self-Interested Contracts — Exception
18-1361A Noncompensated Appointed Public Servant — Relatives of Public Servant — Exception
18-1362 Cause of Action