Terms Used In Idaho Code 31-3520

  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.
  • County commissioners: means the board of county commissioners in their respective counties. See Idaho Code 31-3502
  • Medically indigent: means any person who is in need of necessary medical services and who, if an adult, together with his or her spouse, or whose parents or guardian if a minor or dependent, does not have income and other resources available to him from whatever source sufficient to pay for necessary medical services. See Idaho Code 31-3502
  • Necessary medical services: means health care services and supplies that:
Idaho Code 31-3502
  • Provider: means any person, firm or corporation certified or licensed by the state of Idaho or holding an equivalent license or certification in another state, that provides necessary medical services to a patient requesting a medically indigent status determination or filing an application for financial assistance. See Idaho Code 31-3502
  • The county commissioners in their respective counties, may contract for the provision of necessary medical services to the medically indigent and may, by ordinance, limit the provision of and payment for nonemergency necessary medical services to a contract provider. They shall require the contractor to enter into a bond to the county with two (2) or more approved sureties, in such sum as the county commissioners may fix, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties and obligations as such contractor, and require him to report to the county commissioners quarterly all persons committed to his charge, showing the expense attendant upon their care and maintenance.