30-3-1 Short Title
30-3-2 Filing Requirements
30-3-3 Forms
30-3-4 Filing, Service and Copying Fees
30-3-5 Effective Date of Document
30-3-6 Correcting Filed Document
30-3-7 Filing Duty of Secretary of State
30-3-8 Appeal From Secretary of State’s Refusal to File Document
30-3-9 Evidentiary Effect of Copy of Filed Document
30-3-10 Certificate of Existence
30-3-11 Definitions
30-3-12 Notice
30-3-13 Private Foundation
30-3-14 Judicial Relief
30-3-15 Religious Corporations — Constitutional Protections
30-3-16 Incorporators
30-3-17 Articles of Incorporation
30-3-18 Incorporation
30-3-19 Liability for Preincorporation Transactions
30-3-20 Organization of Corporation
30-3-21 Bylaws
30-3-22 Emergency Bylaws and Powers
30-3-23 Purposes
30-3-24 General Powers
30-3-25 Emergency Powers
30-3-26 Ultra Vires
30-3-27 Corporate Name
30-3-28 Reserved Name
30-3-29 Registered Name
30-3-34 Admission of Members
30-3-35 Consideration
30-3-36 No Requirement of Members
30-3-37 Differences in Rights and Obligations of Members
30-3-38 Transfers
30-3-39 Member’s Liability to Third Parties
30-3-40 Member’s Liability for Dues, Assessments and Fees
30-3-41 Resignation
30-3-42 Termination, Expulsion and Suspension
30-3-43 Purchase of Memberships
30-3-44 Derivative Suits
30-3-45 Delegates
30-3-46 Annual and Regular Meetings
30-3-47 Special Meeting
30-3-48 Court-Ordered Meetings
30-3-49 Action by Written Consent
30-3-50 Notice of Meeting
30-3-51 Waiver of Notice
30-3-52 Record Date — Determining Members Entitled to Notice and Vote
30-3-53 Action by Mailed Written Ballot or Absentee Ballot
30-3-54 Members’ List for Meeting
30-3-55 Voting Entitlement Generally
30-3-56 Quorum Requirements
30-3-57 Voting Requirements
30-3-58 Proxies
30-3-59 Cumulative Voting for Directors
30-3-60 Other Methods of Electing Directors
30-3-61 Corporation’s Acceptance of Votes
30-3-62 Voting Agreements
30-3-63 Requirement for and Duties of Board
30-3-64 Qualifications of Directors
30-3-65 Number of Directors
30-3-66 Election, Designation and Appointment of Directors
30-3-67 Terms of Directors Generally
30-3-68 Staggered Terms for Directors
30-3-69 Resignation of Directors
30-3-70 Removal of Directors Elected by Members or Directors
30-3-71 Removal of Designated or Appointed Directors
30-3-72 Vacancy On Board
30-3-73 Compensation of Directors
30-3-74 Regular and Special Meetings
30-3-75 Action Without Meeting
30-3-76 Call and Notice of Meetings
30-3-77 Waiver of Notice
30-3-78 Quorum and Voting
30-3-79 Committees of the Board
30-3-80 General Standards for Directors
30-3-81 Director — Conflict of Interest
30-3-82 Loans to or Guarantees for Directors and Officers
30-3-83 Required Officers
30-3-84 Duties and Authority of Officers
30-3-85 Standards of Conduct for Officers
30-3-86 Resignation and Removal of Officers
30-3-87 Officers’ Authority to Execute Documents
30-3-88 Indemnification of Officers, Directors, Employees and Agents
30-3-89 Authority to Amend Articles
30-3-90 Amendment of Articles by Directors
30-3-91 Amendment of Articles by Directors and Members
30-3-92 Class Voting by Members On Amendments to Articles
30-3-93 Articles of Amendment
30-3-94 Restated Articles of Incorporation
30-3-95 Effect of Amendment and Restatement of Articles
30-3-96 Amendment of Bylaws by Directors
30-3-97 Amendment of Bylaws by Directors and Members
30-3-98 Class Voting by Members On Amendments to Bylaws
30-3-99 Approval by Third Persons
30-3-100 Approval of Plan of Merger
30-3-100A Applicability of Idaho Entity Transactions Act
30-3-101 Action On Plan by Board, Members and Third Persons
30-3-102 Articles of Merger
30-3-103 Effect of Merger
30-3-104 Merger With Foreign Corporation
30-3-105 Bequests, Devises and Gifts
30-3-106 Sale of Assets in Regular Course of Activities and Mortgage of Assets
30-3-107 Sale of Assets Other Than in Regular Course of Activities
30-3-108 Prohibited Distributions
30-3-109 Authorized Distributions
30-3-110 Dissolution by Incorporators or Directors and Third Persons
30-3-111 Dissolution by Directors, Members and Third Persons
30-3-112 Articles of Dissolution
30-3-113 Effect of Dissolution
30-3-114 Known Claims Against Dissolved Corporation
30-3-115 Unknown Claims Against Dissolved Corporation
30-3-115A Grounds for Administrative Dissolution
30-3-115B Procedure for and Effect of Administrative Dissolution
30-3-115C Reinstatement Following Administrative Dissolution
30-3-115D Appeal From Denial of Reinstatement
30-3-116 Authority to Transact Business Required by Foreign Corporation
30-3-117 Consequences to Foreign Corporation of Transacting Business Without Authority
30-3-118 Application of Foreign Corporation for Certificate of Authority
30-3-119 Foreign Corporation Amended Certificate of Authority
30-3-120 Effect of Issuance of Certificate of Authority to Foreign Corporation
30-3-121 Corporate Name of Foreign Corporation
30-3-126 Withdrawal of Foreign Corporation
30-3-127 Grounds for Revocation of Certificate of Authority
30-3-128 Procedure and Effect of Revocation of Authority of Foreign Corporation
30-3-129 Appeal From Revocation of Certificate of Authority of Foreign Corporation
30-3-130 Corporate Records
30-3-131 Inspection of Records by Members
30-3-132 Scope of Inspection Rights
30-3-133 Limitations On Use of Membership List
30-3-134 Financial Statements for Members
30-3-135 Report of Indemnification to Members
30-3-136 Annual Report for Secretary of State
30-3-142 Application to Existing Domestic Corporations
30-3-143 Application to Qualified Foreign Corporation
30-3-143A Application to Canal Companies and Carey Act Companies
30-3-144 Saving Provisions
30-3-145 Severability