For purposes of this Act, “required public notice” means any notice, advertisement, proclamation, statement, proposal, ordinance or proceedings of an official body or board or any other matter or material that is required by law or by the order or rule of any court to be published in any newspaper. The face of type of any required public notice shall be made shall be not smaller than the body type used in the classified advertising in the newspaper in which the required public notice is published. The minimum rate shall be 20 cents per column line for each insertion of a required public notice. The maximum rate charged for each insertion of a required public notice shall not exceed the lowest classified rate paid by commercial users for comparable space in the newspapers in which the required public notice appears and shall include all cash discounts, multiple insertion discounts, and similar benefits extended to the newspaper’s regular customers. For the purposes of this Act, “commercial user” means a customer submitting commercial advertising, and does not include a customer submitting a required public notice.