IC 20-43-10-2
Academic honors diploma award
Sec. 2. (a) A school corporation’s academic honors diploma award for a calendar year is the amount determined under STEP TWO of the following formula:
    STEP ONE: Determine the number of the school corporation’s eligible pupils who successfully completed an academic honors diploma program in the school year ending in the previous calendar year.
    STEP TWO: Multiply the STEP ONE amount by nine hundred dollars ($900).
  (b) An amount received by a school corporation as an honors diploma award may be used only for:
    (1) any:
      (A) staff training;
      (B) program development;
      (C) equipment and supply expenditures; or
      (D) other expenses;
    directly related to the school corporation’s academic honors diploma program; and
    (2) the school corporation’s program for high ability students.
  (c) A governing body that does not comply with this section for a school year is not eligible to receive an academic honors diploma award for the following school year.
As added by P.L.2-2006, SEC.166.