IC 35-43-2-1
Sec. 1. A person who breaks and enters the building or structure of another person, with intent to commit a felony in it, commits burglary, a Class C felony. However, the offense is:
    (1) a Class B felony if:
      (A) it is committed while armed with a deadly weapon; or
      (B) the building or structure is a:
        (i) dwelling; or
        (ii) structure used for religious worship; and
    (2) a Class A felony if it results in:
      (A) bodily injury; or
      (B) serious bodily injury;
    to any person other than a defendant.
As added by Acts 1976, P.L.148, SEC.3. Amended by Acts 1977, P.L.340, SEC.42; Acts 1982, P.L.204, SEC.36; P.L.88-1999, SEC.2.