IC 35-48-4-11
Possession of marijuana, hash oil, or hashish
Sec. 11. A person who:
    (1) knowingly or intentionally possesses (pure or adulterated) marijuana, hash oil, or hashish;
    (2) knowingly or intentionally grows or cultivates marijuana; or
    (3) knowing that marijuana is growing on his premises, fails to destroy the marijuana plants;
commits possession of marijuana, hash oil, or hashish, a Class A misdemeanor. However, the offense is a Class D felony (i) if the amount involved is more than thirty (30) grams of marijuana or two (2) grams of hash oil or hashish, or (ii) if the person has a prior conviction of an offense involving marijuana, hash oil, or hashish.
As added by Acts 1976, P.L.148, SEC.7. Amended by Acts 1977, P.L.340, SEC.106; Acts 1979, P.L.303, SEC.12; P.L.138-1983, SEC.5.