§ 9-25-6-1 Certificate of compliance received from person identified in accident report
§ 9-25-6-2 Certificate of compliance received from person identified in accident report; false statements
§ 9-25-6-3 Certificate of compliance not received from person identified in accident report; receipt of certificate not indicating financial responsibility in effect; suspension of license; exceptions
§ 9-25-6-3.5 Multiple violation; suspension of license or registration
§ 9-25-6-4 Failure to satisfy judgment; suspension of license; application of section
§ 9-25-6-5 Conditions for satisfaction of judgment
§ 9-25-6-6 Payment of judgment in installments; failure to pay installment; allowing license and registration to judgment debtor on consent of judgment creditor
§ 9-25-6-7 Duration of suspension for failure to satisfy judgment; discharge in bankruptcy
§ 9-25-6-8 Motor vehicle convictions; court recommendations as to license suspensions; form of abstract of record of conviction
§ 9-25-6-9 Certified abstract of record of judgment for damages
§ 9-25-6-10 Driving while intoxicated; deferral of prosecution for rehabilitation or participation by child in alcohol and drug services program; abstract of program enrollment
§ 9-25-6-11 Acceptance of certificate of insurance after license revoked because of conviction
§ 9-25-6-12 Certificate of insurance indicating insured not covered when operating vehicle not owned by insured; restriction on license; removal of restriction
§ 9-25-6-13 Nonresidents; ownership or operation of vehicles; compliance with article&nbsp
§ 9-25-6-14 Renewal of license or registration
§ 9-25-6-15 License reinstatement fee
§ 9-25-6-16 Review of driving license suspension
§ 9-25-6-17 Proof of future financial responsibility given on behalf of employees or family members
§ 9-25-6-18 Forging or signing without authority; certificate serving as proof of financial responsibility; filing or offering for filing; classification of violation
§ 9-25-6-19 Suspension of driving privileges under IC 31-14-12-4 or IC 31-16-12-7; notice; reinstatement
§ 9-25-6-19.2 False evidence of financial responsibility
§ 9-25-6-20 Notice of suspension of driving privileges for delinquent child support; reinstatement
§ 9-25-6-21 Suspension of driving privileges after fuel theft conviction