Sec. 1. (a) Except as provided in subsection (b), the governing body may determine and impose rates and charges of the district based on the following:
        (1) A flat charge for each system.
        (2) Variable charges based on the capacity of a system.
        (3) Other factors that the governing body determines are necessary to establish just and equitable rates and charges.
    (b) In:
        (1) a county having a population of more than four hundred thousand (400,000) but less than seven hundred thousand (700,000); and
        (2) a county having a population of more than two hundred fifty thousand (250,000) but less than two hundred seventy thousand (270,000);
rates and charges may be imposed or changed under this chapter only after approval by the county legislative body.
As added by P.L.161-2002, SEC.2 and P.L.172-2002, SEC.7. Amended by P.L.119-2012, SEC.246.