§ 16-37-2-1 “Person in attendance at birth”
§ 16-37-2-2 Birth certificate and paternity affidavit; persons responsible for filing or preparation; release of paternity affidavit
§ 16-37-2-2.1 Paternity affidavits; requirements; forms; joint legal custody agreement; penalty; effect of paternity affidavit; genetic test; opportunity to consult
§ 16-37-2-3 Time for filing birth certificate
§ 16-37-2-4 Acceptance of birth certificate within four years of birth with statement of reason for delay
§ 16-37-2-5 Delayed birth certificate presented for filing more than four years after birth
§ 16-37-2-6 Rules for accepting delayed birth certificates
§ 16-37-2-7 Certificate of birth registration; issuance to delayed birth certificate applicant
§ 16-37-2-8 Probative value of delayed birth certificate
§ 16-37-2-9 Permanent record; public inspection; adoptee birth records
§ 16-37-2-10 “DNA test”; additions or corrections to birth certificate; evidence
§ 16-37-2-11 Custody of children of unknown parentage; reports
§ 16-37-2-12 Children of unknown parentage; certificates of birth
§ 16-37-2-13 Recorded name of child born out of wedlock
§ 16-37-2-14 Duties of health officer regarding paternity affidavit
§ 16-37-2-15 Proper name of illegitimate child whose parents subsequently marry
§ 16-37-2-16 New birth certificate upon marriage of illegitimate child’s parents; correction of records
§ 16-37-2-17 Form of new birth certificate
§ 16-37-2-19 Violations