§ 36-11-3-1 Initiation by governing body
§ 36-11-3-2 Contents of notice of intent
§ 36-11-3-3 Notice of intent to dissolve
§ 36-11-3-4 Territory of district

Sec. 4. The district may include area that is not contiguous, but the territory must be so situated that the public health, safety, convenience, or welfare will be promoted by the establishm

§ 36-11-3-5 Inclusion in district of area located within a municipality
§ 36-11-3-6 Public hearings; qualifications of hearing officer; hearing officer compensation
§ 36-11-3-7 Scheduling of hearing; notice
§ 36-11-3-8 Objection and participation in hearing by resident of district
§ 36-11-3-9 Findings and recommendations of hearing officer; matters to be considered by the hearing officer
§ 36-11-3-10 Action by ordinance of the governing body after the hearing; notice to objectors
§ 36-11-3-11 Notice of adoption of an ordinance
§ 36-11-3-12 District not an independent municipal corporation
§ 36-11-3-13 Information to be included in ordinance to establish a district
§ 36-11-3-14 Petition to county legislative body objecting to establishment of district; hearing; notice of action on objection