Sec. 21. (a) Only a person that is an attorney licensed to practice law or a child placing agency licensed under the laws of Indiana may place a paid advertisement or paid listing of the person’s telephone number, on the person’s own behalf, in a telephone directory that: (1) a child is offered or wanted for adoption; or
(2) the person is able to place, locate, or receive a child for adoption.
(b) A person that publishes a telephone directory that is distributed in Indiana:
(1) shall include, at the beginning of any classified heading for adoption and adoption services, a statement that informs directory users that only attorneys licensed to practice law and licensed child placing agencies may legally provide adoption services under Indiana law; and
(2) may publish an advertisement described in subsection (a) in the telephone directory only if the advertisement contains the following:
(A) For an attorney licensed to practice law in Indiana, the person’s attorney number.
(B) For a child placing agency licensed under the laws of Indiana, the number on the person’s child placing agency license.
(c) A person who knowingly or intentionally violates subsection (a) commits unauthorized adoption advertising, a Class A misdemeanor. As added by P.L.146-2007, SEC.20. Amended by P.L.21-2010, SEC.10.