§ 9-25-4-1 Persons, generally, who must meet minimum standards; violation;
§ 9-25-4-2 Recovery vehicle operators; duty to meet minimum standards; registration of recovery vehicles; proof of financial responsibility; retention of records
§ 9-25-4-3 Continuous maintenance; verification; suspension; third party contract
§ 9-25-4-4 When financial responsibility in effect; necessary provisions in and approval of insurance policies
§ 9-25-4-5 Minimum amounts of financial responsibility
§ 9-25-4-6 Recovery vehicles; minimum amounts of financial responsibility
§ 9-25-4-7 Methods of proving financial responsibility
§ 9-25-4-8 Proof of financial responsibility
§ 9-25-4-9 Bonds as proof of financial responsibility; notice of bond cancellation; recovery on claims arising before cancellation
§ 9-25-4-10 Deposits with treasurer of state as proof of financial responsibility; grounds for and amount of limitations on execution; proof of absence of unsatisfied judgments
§ 9-25-4-11 Certificate of self-insurance; cancellation
§ 9-25-4-12 Repealed