Chapter 1 General Provisions; Definitions
Chapter 1.2 General Provisions
Chapter 1.5 Awards for Students With Associate Degrees
Chapter 1.7 Establishment of Award Amounts by the Commission for Higher Education
Chapter 2 Exclusion of Military Compensation From Financial Resources; Frank O’bannon Grants
Chapter 3 Higher Education Awards
Chapter 4 Freedom of Choice Grant
Chapter 5 Hoosier Scholar Award Program
Chapter 6 Twenty-first Century Scholars Program; Tuition Grants
Chapter 6.5 Eligibility for Twenty-first Century Scholars Program for Foster Care Youth
Chapter 7 Twenty-first Century Scholars Program Support Fund; Grants for Textbooks, Equipment, and Other Material
Chapter 8 Adult Student Grant Program and Fund
Chapter 9 Insurance Education Scholarship Fund
Chapter 10 Mitch Daniels Early Graduation Scholarship