Chapter 1.5 Precincts
Chapter 2 General Election Ballot Form
Chapter 3 Distribution of Ballots and Other Supplies
Chapter 4 Eligibility and Application for Absentee Ballot
Chapter 6 Voting System Purchase Fund
Chapter 6.5 Voting System Improvement
Chapter 7 Approval of Ballot Card Voting Systems
Chapter 7.5 Approval of Electronic Voting Systems
Chapter 8 Voting Procedures Generally
Chapter 9 Assistance to Certain Voters
Chapter 10 Voting by Absentee Ballot
Chapter 11 Voting by Paper Ballot
Chapter 13 Voting by Ballot Card Voting System
Chapter 14 Voting by Electronic Voting System
Chapter 14.5 Public Tests of Electronic Voting Systems
Chapter 15 Ballot Card and Electronic Voting Systems; Additional Standards and Procedures for Approving System Changes
Chapter 16 Voting System Technical Oversight Program
Chapter 17 Voting System Violations
Chapter 18.1 Vote Centers