§ 3-5-4-1 Time for filing
§ 3-5-4-1.2 Election division or secretary of state filing delivered to county or local election official is void
§ 3-5-4-1.5 Time for commencement of legal actions
§ 3-5-4-1.7 Filings by fax or electronic mail; electronic, digital, digitized, or photocopied signatures
§ 3-5-4-1.9 Receiving filing after deadline; exceptions
§ 3-5-4-4 Immunity from arrest while at or going to and from polls
§ 3-5-4-7 References to federal statutes or regulations
§ 3-5-4-8 Approval and use of forms
§ 3-5-4-9 Authentication of ballots by circuit court clerk
§ 3-5-4-10 Ownership of ballots, poll lists, and other documents or materials generated or used by a convention or caucus
§ 3-5-4-11 Expired