Sec. 1. A district may be established under this article to perform one (1) or more of the following functions related to onsite waste management:

(1) Inventory of systems.

(2) Inspection of systems.

(3) Monitoring the:

(A) performance; and

(B) maintenance;

of systems.

(4) Establishing:

(A) standards for installation and inspection of systems that are no less stringent than standards established by the state department of health; and

(B) procedures for enforcement of the standards.

(5) Seeking grants for:

(A) system maintenance; and

(B) any other activities described in this article.

(6) Establishing rates and charges for the operation of the district.

(7) Establishing policies and procedures for the use of grants and other revenue of the district for installation, maintenance, and other activities of the district relating to systems in the district.

(8) Seeking solutions for disposal of septage from systems.

(9) Education and training of system service providers and system owners.

(10) Coordination of activities of the district with activities of:

(A) local health departments;

(B) the department of environmental management;

(C) the department of natural resources; and

(D) the state department of health.

(11) Other functions as determined by the governing body of the district.

Enforcement of standards by a district under subdivision (4) does not affect the authority of the department of environmental management, the state department of health, or a local health department.

As added by P.L.161-2002, SEC.2 and P.L.172-2002, SEC.7.