Chapter 1 General Provisions; Definitions
Chapter 1.2 General Provisions
Chapter 1.5 Awards for Students With Associate Degrees
Chapter 1.7 Establishment of Award Amounts by the Commission for Higher Education
Chapter 2 Exclusion of Military Compensation From Financial Resources; Frank O’Bannon Grants
Chapter 3 Higher Education Awards
Chapter 4 Freedom of Choice Grant
Chapter 5 Hoosier Scholar Award Program
Chapter 6 Twenty-First Century Scholars Program; Tuition Grants
Chapter 6.5 Eligibility for Twenty-First Century Scholars Program for Foster Care Youth
Chapter 7 Twenty-First Century Scholars Program Support Fund; Grants for Textbooks, Equipment, and Other Material
Chapter 8 Adult Student Grant Program and Fund
Chapter 9 Insurance Education Scholarship Fund
Chapter 10 Mitch Daniels Early Graduation Scholarship
Chapter 12 Postsecondary Award and Scholarship Program Data
Chapter 13 Renewal of Scholarships
Chapter 14 Degree Maps
Chapter 15 Information Concerning Education Loans
Chapter 16 Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship Program and Fund
Chapter 17 Prior Learning Assessments