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2021 Indiana Code 36-7.7-5-1. Duties

Sec. 1. A development authority shall do the following:

(1) Assist in the coordination of local efforts concerning projects that are of regional importance.

(2) Assist a county, a municipality, a commuter transportation district, an airport authority, and a regional transportation authority in coordinating regional transportation and economic development efforts.

(3) Fund projects that are of regional importance, as provided in this article.

As added by P.L.83-2020, SEC.2.

2021 Indiana Code 36-7-7.5-1. Application of chapter

Sec. 1. This chapter applies to a county having the following population:

(1) More than forty thousand (40,000) but less than forty-two thousand (42,000).

(2) More than nineteen thousand five hundred (19,500) but less than twenty thousand (20,000).

(3) More than ten thousand seven hundred (10,700) but less than twelve thousand (12,000).

As added by P.L.168-1990, SEC.1. Amended by P.L.12-1992, SEC.168; P.L.170-2002, SEC.156; P.L.119-2012, SEC.198.